Are all of you familiar with the word “plating”?


Most of you have probably heard this word. Plating is a highly unique technology in that the technology has a long history, yet continues to support the cutting-edge manufacturing that is carried out today.


I am now going to introduce you to the mysterious world of plating, over a 12-episode program.
Oh-before we go on, let me introduce myself.


I’m Dr. UYEMURA, the professor of plating, and I will be serving as your navigator throughout the program. Now, without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to the world of plating.

  • Episode1:What is “plating”?
  • Episode2:Some extensive knowledge about “plating”
  • Episode3:The roles played by “plating”
  • Episode4:Elements that “play friendly” with plating
  • Episode5:Smartphones and tablet devices
  • Episode6:Computers
  • Episode7:Cars and motorcycles
  • Episode8:Household electrical products, watches, cameras, etc.
  • Episode9:Accessories(Decorative Plating)
  • Episode10:Semiconductors and plating
  • Episode11:Safe and reliable plating technologies
  • Episode12:Plating from now onwards