System for Promoting Compliance (CSR)

Aug 30, 2021​

1. Statement by the Top Management on compliance in the Uyemura group

In accordance with the corporate principle of “We are committed to action with sincerity,” The Uyemura Group manifests its strong intention to implement not only compliance with laws and regulations as well as corporate ethics, but also management to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR), for the further development and continued growth of the Uyemura group in the 21st century.

2. System for promoting compliance in the Uyemura group

(1)The behavioral guidelines for the officers, employees and other staff of the Uyemura group to implement compliance

Uyemura Group Charter of Behavior
The guidelines to understand and implement the corporate principle (6 items)
Uyemura Group Code of Conduct
The rules to be obeyed during day-to-day business activities (22 items)
③ Activities for promotion of compliance
Education through the e-learning system “RakuRaku Test-kun” and other related activities

(2)Structure of CSR Promotion

① Establishment of the CSR Promotion Office
An organization to supervise and assist in the compliance with laws and regulations as well as corporate ethics, and the implementation of the same
Composition: CSR Promotion Office Manager, Secretariat, Subcommittees and Auditing Committee
② Establishment of the hotline system (nicknamed the “Com-chan line”)
A contact window for accepting various questions and internal reporting on violations to implement CSR management while complying with laws and regulations as well as corporate ethics
Contact window: Legal and Intellectual Property Department
TEL No.: +81-6-6202-8718
e-mail address: csr-with-u@uyemura.co.jp
③ Appointment of managers in charge of CSR promotion and persons who are responsible for CSR promotion in the respective divisions
Officers and employees who belong to divisions that are related to certain subcommittee themes undergo management, training and other guidance regarding the implementation of such themes