Our History

  1. 1848
    Commences business as a pharmaceutical distributor in Doshomachi, Osaka​
  2. 1915
    Uyemura changes the business, and begins to import materials for the cutting-edge plating technology​
  3. 1918
    Achieves a successful domestic production of oily abrasive compounds​
  4. 1933​​
    Incorporates as a joint-stock company named C. Uyemura & Co., Ltd.​
  5. 1957
    Establishes a specialty plating chemical department to research plating technology, in order to develop and create an original name brand of chemical products​
  6. 1960
    Establishes a plating equipment department to begin engineering and manufacturing of automated plating equipment and other types of specialized finishing equipment​
  7. 1963
    Establishes Sanwa Bosei Co., Ltd. (now SUMIX Corporation) in Osaka​​
  8. 1968
    Establishes the Chemical Plant and the Central Research Laboratory in Osaka​
  9. 1985
    Establishes Uyemura International Corporation in USA​​
  10. 1986​​
    Establishes Uyemura-Solar Co., Ltd. (now Uyemura International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.) in Hong Kong​
  11. 1987
    Establishes Taiwan Uyemura Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
    Establishes Sum Hitechs Co., Ltd. in Thailand​
  12. 1988
    Establishes Nanshan Uyemura-Solar Co., Ltd. (now Uyemura (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.) in Shenzhen, China​
    Establishes Uyemura Meta (Singapore) Pte Ltd (now Uyemura International (Singapore) Pte Ltd) in Singapore​​
    Completes the new Head Office building in Osaka​​
  13. 1996
    Awarded the Science and Technology Agency Director-General’s Prize for the development of a hard disk substrate forming technology using electroless plating​
    ​Establishes Uyemura (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia​
  14. 1997
    Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange​​
    Increases capital to 1,336,936,360 Yen​
  15. 1998​​​
    ISO 9001 acquired for Hirakata Plant​
  16. 2002
    Establishes Uyemura (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China​​
    ISO 14001 acquired for Hirakata Plant​​
  17. 2007
    Completes the new Tokyo Office building​​​​
  18. 2010
    Establishes Uyemura Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea​
  19. 2012
    Establishes PT. Uyemura Indonesia in Indonesia​​
  20. 2013​
    Completes the new Central Research Laboratory​​
    Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange​
  21. 2019
    Completes the new Nagoya Branch building​​
  22. 2022
    ISO 45001 acquired for Hirakata Plant​
    Listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange​​
  23. 2023
    Completes the new Hirakata Machinery Plant​​​​