Initiatives to Decarbonize

Aim to reduce our Group's CO2 emissions by 40%
in Japan and 25% overseas by 2030
(compared to 2017)

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 is a problem that needs to be addressed now.
Uyemura is committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions through company-wide efforts to improve efficiency in energy and labor saving.

CO2 emissions in 2021
and interim targets for 2030

CO2 emissions(compared with 2017)
CO2 emissions
(compared with 2017)
Year 2022 2030 Interim target
Domestic bases (Japan) Reduction rate 20% Reduction rate 40%
Overseas group companies Reduction rate 13% Reduction rate 25%

Results by category from 2017 to 2021 (Domestic bases (Japan))

Total CO2 emissions
Power consumption (CO2 emissions)
Solar power generation (CO2 reduction)

Future efforts

Introduction of the latest eco-friendly air conditioning equipment
(For example: Annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by 11 tons if eco-friendly air conditioning equipment is introduced to the head office)

Shift to environmentally friendly vehicles
(Introduction of PHV and BEV vehicles depending on the situation)

Introduction of eco-friendly glass panels
(Achieve power and energy saving by thermal insulation and shielding)

Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society,
we will take on the challenge of becoming carbon neutral (practically zero emissions) by 2050.