Disclosure Policy

  1. 1. Basic policy for disclosure of information

    We believe that as a company widely trusted by society, improving the transparency of our management is an important duty. Based on this belief, we continue to provide fair and timely disclosures of corporate information to shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders.

  2. 2. Standards for disclosure of information

    We strive to provide transparent information pursuant to ordinances related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as Tokyo Stock Exchange rules relating to timely disclosures (hereinafter, “timely disclosure rules”), as well as conduct timely, accurate, and fair disclosures of non-financial information deemed important to all stakeholders through appropriate means.

  3. 3. Methods for disclosure of information

    We disclose information subject to timely disclosure rules using Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure network system (TDnet). We also promptly publish information disclosed through TDnet on our corporate website. Furthermore, we publish English translations of disclosures made in Japanese to our corporate website in order to reach a wider range of stakeholders.

  4. 4. Quiet period

    We stipulate the time from account closing to the announcement of financial results for each quarter as a quiet period in order to prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure fairness. During the quiet period, we will refrain from making comments or answering questions regarding financial results. However, we will provide disclosures pursuant to timely disclosure rules in the case of material discrepancy between earnings forecasts and public figures during the quiet period.

  5. 5. Future outlooks

    Information related to our earnings forecasts and other future outlooks is based on information obtainable at the time of disclosure as well as certain assumptions judged to be reasonable, but shall not constitute any promise of actual achievement. Furthermore, actual earnings, etc. may differ materially due to various factors.