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Hard disk structure

As an arrival of highly information-oriented society, personal computers are being employed widely in offices and homes. Therefore, productions of hard disk units and auxiliary storage units have also increased extensively.

Hard disk structure

Outline of layers on hard disk

  Material Procedure Thickness Functions
Lubrication film PFPE * Coating 10-20Å Prevention of wear of disk and magnetic head
Protection film Carbon Sputtering 100-200Å Protection of magnetic layer and others
Magnetic layer Co alloy Sputtering 200-800Å Recording of signals
Substrate layer Cr / Cr alloy Sputtering 500-1,000Å Control of crystal orientation of magnetic layer
Hardened substrate layer Ni-P Plating 10-14 micrometer Prevention of surface deformation of Al alloy substrate
Al substrate Al alloy / Glass   0.635-0.800mm Substrate of hard disk
*PFPE:Perfluoro polyether