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Dosho-machi, Osaka.Commences business as a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Dosho-machi, Osaka.


The sixth Chobei Uemura changes the business, begins to import materials for the cutting-edge plating technology of the day and establishes a clear place for UYEMURA in the Japanese market.


Achieves the first successful domestic production of oily abrasives.


Begins production of abrasives, and contributes to the development of the industry by providing inexpensive products of consistent quality.


Opens Tokyo Office.


Incorporates as a joint-stock company named C. Uyemura .& Co., Ltd.


Establishes a specialty plating chemical department to research plating technology, to develop and create an original name brand of chemical products, such as brighteners, and to begin actual manufacturing.


Establishes a plating equipment department to begin engineering and manufacturing of automatic plating equipment and other types of finishing equipment.

Opens Nagoya sales office.


Establishes Sanwa Bosei Co., Ltd. (now the Sumix Corporation) as a factory where Uyemura's new products can be tested under actual usage conditions, in order to approve new products before introducing them to the market.


Steps ahead of the industry by diversifying its equipment technology and introducing the Robot Compact, a fully-automatic programmable plating device, the forerunner of our ever-popular UF carrier.


Completes the Chemical Plant in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture.

Opens the Central Research Laboratory, the world's first research laboratory devoted exclusively to plating research, and commences basic research and applied research.

Establishes Nagoya Branch (expansion of the Nagoya sales office) with full distribution center.


Enters the field of pollution prevention equipment in response to market needs. UYEMURA has now become a comprehensive manufacturer for the plating field, covering everything from abrasives to chemicals to mechanical equipment to pollution prevention equipment.


Enters into a partnership with the German company Degussa AG in order to enter the field of precious metals plating. Commences sales within Japan of precious metals plating solutions, primarily gold plating solutions Moves the machinery department to Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture.


Forms a technical affiliation with Korea Plating Material Ind. Co.,Ltd. (now the KPM TECH Co.,Ltd.) for the production of specialty plating chemicals.

Introduces a computerized control system, UPCS, to its automatic plating equipment.


Develops a high-speed continuous terminal plating device and a high-speed nickel/gold plating process to become more involved in the PWB segment of the electronics industry.

Successfully achieves composite plating and expands operations in the area of functional plating. (Receives Thesis Prize and Technology Prize from the Surface Finishing Society of Japan.)


Develops the NEW PAYTON PROCESS for the electropainting field, to introduce the latest technology in the field of decorative plating.


Develops the CHEMiROBO Series of automatic chemical control systems for chemical maintenance of many types of plating processes.


Develops a system for EN plating of hard disks, using the AD Process, a hard disk pretreatment system, NIMUDEN HDX, a specialized electroless nickel plating solution, and the CHEMiROBO NP and CNP automatic plating solution controllers. (Receives Technology Prize from the Surface Finishing Society of Japan.)
Develops the THRU-CUP ELC-SX high-speed electroless copper, thick-plating solution, and the CHEMiROBO ELC-N automatic electroless copper plating solution controller for PWBs.
Begins processing at the Sagamihara factory (now the Sagamihara Office) using the Elamet Process, an electromagnetic shielding method introduced from the German company GfO. (Terminates processing in September 1999.)


Establishes Uyemura International Corporation as a joint venture company in Los Angeles as a base for operations in North America.


Establishes Uyemura-Solar Co., Ltd. as a joint enterprise in Hong Kong.


Establishes Taiwan Uyemura Co., Ltd. as a joint enterprise in Taiwan.

Establishes Sum Hitechs Co., Ltd. as a joint enterprise in Thailand.


Establishes Nanshan Uyemura-Solar Co., Ltd. (now the Uyemura-Solar (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.) as a joint enterprise in Shenzhen, China. Establishes Uyemura Meta (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. in Singapore, later reorganized as Uyemura International (Singapore) Pte., Ltd.

Completes the Headquarters building in Osaka.

Introduces the EE-1 direct metalization technology, a through hole plating process using direct plating for PWBs, obtained from Kollmorgen Corporation in the US.


Develops the NIMUFLON Process, an electroless Ni/PTFE composite plating bath.


Establishes the Tokyo Office (an expansion of the Tokyo Branch).


Concludes a technology-sharing and license agreement ith Demetron in Germany to actively promote Uyemura's NIMUDEN and BEL Process in Europe.

Concludes a sales agreement with the German company OTB for the CHEMiROBO Series.


Develops the BEAM SOLDER PC, an electroless solder plating process for SMT printed circuit boards.


Develops the Ucon rackless continuous plating system for PWBs.
Develops the KAT Process to address the needs of high-density PWBs.
Completes the Uyemura Nissei Building.


Develops and commercializes a three-dimensional analysis system for the current distribution in electroplating baths.

Develops the FLOW-THRU PLATER RP-1, an innovative small parts plating system capable of plating even fine powder.


Develops the NIMUDEN HDX-5G and 7G additives as high-performance, low-cost improvements to the widely successful NIMUDEN HDX electroless nickel system.


Increases capital to 756,936,360 yen.

Successfully develops the AD-999F zinc immersion solution for plating various aluminum substrates.

Receives the Science and Technology Agency Director-General's Prize for the development of a hard disk ubstrate forming technology using electroless plating.

Establishes Uyemura (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.


Gets listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.

Increases capital to 1,336,936,360 yen.


Opens the UIC Technical Center in Connecticut as a base for technical liaison with customers in North America, specialty chemical product development, sample plating facility, and chemical manufacturing.


Establishes Uyemura (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.


Completes the new Uyemura-solar (Shinzhen) office and factory in Longgang District to increase the manufacturing capability.


Completes the three-year modernization project at Hirakata factory.

Completes the new Tokyo office building in Nihonbashi-odemmacho in Chuo-ku.


Establishes Uyemura Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea.